• Love From Both Sides

Love From Both Sides

A True Story of Soul Survival & Reincarnation


Book Introduction

Love From Both Sides

A True Story of Soul Survival and Reincarnation

Riseley’s mind-blowing account of communicating with her deceased husband is easily one of the most thought-provoking and irresistible books of our young century.
Review From Creations Magazine – February/March 2010

John Calabrese, Huntington, New York

Love From Both Sides

The Author’s Story

Stephanie Riseley - Author

Stephanie Riseley is a Certified Hypnotherapist in Los Angeles and was trained by Brian Weiss, M.D. to do Past Life Regressions. She holds an undergraduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley and a Master’s degree from UCLA. Before writing, “Love From Both Sides – A True Story of Soul Survival and Sacred Sexuality,” Stephanie’s own life was filled with more exciting challenges than a summertime thriller.

For instance, at 19 years-old, she almost died but had a classic Near Death Experience. She saw the golden light and got “pulled back” totally against her will into a body that was wracked with pain. After four years of traditional medicine, and 60 mg.of prednisone a day, which was crippling her, she was forced to find an alternative way to heal herself of systemic lupus that had attacked her heart, her lungs, her kidneys, and joints. But she managed to find a way, and she cured her body.

In her 20s and 30s, she worked as an actress in New York, and also drove a taxi in Manhattan for 7 years, and she lived to tell about it. In the 1980s, she did some episodic TV and also worked for UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute. There, she did the research that proved the brain’s amazing power to heal the body. Stephanie uses that knowledge to help her clients heal themselves.

At 42, Stephanie met the love of her life and ladies? He asked her to marry him on the 4th date! Romantic, yes? And she said, “Yes!” They were definitely “soul mates.” Unfortunately, he died in her arms 12 years later, that’s what her book is about. Her book asks the question, What happens when you meet your soul-mate, but he reneges on the soul-contract…

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What Readers Are Saying

As in Life, So in Death

Stephanie Riseley has produced a book that will be a solace to many who have ‘lost’ their loved one – because, as she so clearly and wisely puts it, that loved one is not at all ‘lost’, but just ‘beyond’.

Amazing Story of Love Between Soul Mates Throughout Time

This is a truly incredible book. Stephanie Riseley describes the experience of suddenly, unexpectedly channeling her husband after his death.


I’ve never read anything like this. It would be hard not to think differently about your life and your relationships after you read this book

Much more than just a love story!

This tale tells us all how challenging it is to learn the lessons of life & growth. Stephanie bravely shows us by her own example, how many (life)times we must hear the messages sometimes, and still we don’t get it-YET!

What is Reincarnation

Reincarnation is a belief in the eternal validity of the soul.

You live a specific life, you learn a much needed “soul lesson,” or you might develop a talent, a skill, or learn to love. And then you die. Once you die, you get to look back on the life you’ve just lived, and you decide how you did. You’re either pleased or proud, or you might be annoyed and disappointed.

Then you go to the “In Between,” a Buddhist concept, where you’re greeted by your own soul group. Each soul group has an overall purpose, and every person has a specific purpose.

The movies “Defending Your Life,” and “Heaven Can Wait,” are just two of the many American movies that posit a belief in reincarnation.

My book Love From Both Sides – A True Story of Soul Survival and Reincarnation will give you a deeper understanding of the process of reincarnation. You’ll hear my husband, Dan, talk about how disappointed he was in his own “progress as a soul.” You’ll hear him describe what happens immediately after death, and how he manages to get his bearings so that he can finally communicate with me. And then, what’s most interesting from a reincarnation point of view, you’ll hear how he decides on his next life. And then you’ll be with him as he incarnates again.

The belief in reincarnation is shared by many cultures around the world, and if you want more information, Wikipedia has pages and pages on the topic.

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